Name: Dimitar Hristov
Nickname: 54ka
Date of Birth: August | 1978

Current Residence: Sofia | Bulgaria
Education: Master of Advertising Design
School: The National Academy Of Arts | Applied Arts

Current Work:
Creative Director in PIMDESIGN – multimedia design studio
Artist photographer in 54ka

26 in Bulgaria | USA | Russia | Romania | Yugoslavia


The Horses by Dimitar Hristov (2011)
Publisher - 54ka

The Horses II by Dimitar Hristov (2015)
Publisher - 54ka

Sketchbook – Aquarelle Part I by Dimitar Hristov (2019)
Publisher - 54ka
My name is Dimitar. I was born in Varna. I have graduated Advertising Design in the National Academy of Arts, before that I studied Fine Arts . My work is graphic and web design. Besides family, my world is obsessed with painting and photography. I started shooting as a student - a Minolta /a film camera/ was my first camera, a gift from my father. This camera proved to be a good helper in my coursework. And gradually I became addicted ...

I love to photograph motorbikes (and adjacent rockers), masks and costumes, which i alone created, fashion in its more extravagant ways, people ... I love nature. I spend every spare hour in searching of new beautiful and full of life places, which would be captured in my camera. Nevertheless my greatest passion are horses. Our first meeting took place 18 years ago, a "race against the clock". It was love at first sight. Since then I photograph these magnificent creatures, incarnated in itself mysticism and grace, all over Bulgaria. And not only in Bulgaria. I love the state of peace and elan, strength and tenderness, devotion, jocularity, the merger with the rider, the feeling of freedom and friendship which they give us since ancient times. Invariably. In my work with them I like to experiment, mixing means of expression of the irrationality of photography and painting to show more expressive, magical character of the horse.

Over the years, I have arranged several exhibitions of photographs of horses and issued two albums devoted to horses, leading European and American publishing houses have used my photographs of horses for book covers.

The best in the photographer's life is that beauty, nature, everything which deserves to be sealed in a camera, is all around us and waiting to be seen, to capture the perfect shot. I shall keep searching ...

Awards and Media publications

Bulgarian National Television 2019
The passion for the horses – “The Paths”. Interview with Dimitar Hristov – 54ka

Dobrudja TV 2019
54ka - Creative Thinking School - Season II. An interview with Dimitar Hristov - 54ka

OffNews 2019
Creative Thinking School - Season II by Dimitar Hristov - 54ka

GuruShots 2018
39 of Earth's Finest Creatures - select feature image of Dimitar Hristov

OffNews 2018
Creative Thinking School by Dimitar Hristov - 54ka

Darik Radio 2017
An interview with Dimitar Hristov - 54ka

OffNews 2017
OffNews – National Meeting of Young Ballet-dancers – photography by Dimitar Hristov

Ezda Press 2017
EZDA Magazine - Issue 114 - Behind a scene with Dimitar Hristov - 54ka

Photo Cafe 2016
Photo Cafe – Interview with Dimitar Hristov – 54ka

Ezda Magazine 2016
Ezda Magazine Issue 112 / October – November - The Battle of Dobrich 1916 - Photographer: Dimitar Hristov – 54ka

BiT tv 2016
Iinterview with Dimitar Hristov – 54ka

Equestrio Arabia 2015
Equestrio Arabia – september – october n° 65 Cover of magazine and Interview with Dimitar Hristov

Ezda Magazine 2015
Ezda Magazine - october. Interview and presentation of the new equestrian photography album of Dimitar Hristov

OffNews 2015
Interview with Dimitar Hristov

Manu Propria 2015
Project Presentation "The Horsees"

Behance Portfolio Review 2014
Award for project "The Horses"

BonExpose 2014
Interview with Dimitar Hristov

Ezda Magazine 2013
Ezda Magazine August 2013 Interview with Dimitar Hristov

Photovacation 2011
Award for project "The Storm"

National Geographic 2010
National Geographic - february 2010. The Daily Dozen select feature image of Dimitar Hristov

Ezda Magazine 2010
Ezda Magazine August 2010. Interview with Dimitar Hristov – 54ka

Advanced Photoshop Magazine 2008
Advanced Photoshop (issue 40) 2008. Cover image and Interview with Dimitar Hristov. Project: "Flower Princess"

Kukerlandia 2006
Award for project "Below The Mask"

BG Site 2006
Award for project "PRAVOSLAVIE BULGARIA"

Computerworld 2005

Computer Space 2005
Award for project "BULGARIA SE ARTISTIKA"

Computer Space 2004
Award for project "BULGARIAN TREASURES"

Computer Space 2004
Award for project "Treestory"

BG Site 2004
Award for project "BULGARIAN TREASURES"

Computer Space 2003
Award for project "54KA"

TV Word 2003
Award for project "HELIKON"

BG Site 2002
Award for project "PARKS IN BULGARIA"


Universal Studios
Hollywood, USA

Penguin Random House
New York, USA

The Orion Publishing Group
London, UK

Berlin, DE

Kalimat Group
Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

JetArk Holdings
Sausalito, CA

Verlag Freies Geistesleben
Stuttgart, DE

Gallimard Jeunesse
Paris, FR

Kustannusosakeyhtio Nemo
Helsinki, FI

Haarlem, NL

Albatros Мedia
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Andersen Press
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Heimat Hamburg
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